2018 Color Trends of Modern Bathroom Wall Decor

Modern Bathroom Wall Decor – There are several decorative tricks including arranging small furniture or hanging portraits and photos in an ingenious way, to make a room look bigger. Unfortunately, the space limitations and the natural utilitarian purpose of the bathrooms do not leave much room for decoration. Instead of replacing the large bathtub or ripping the toilet, use the color to make your bathroom look bigger.

Modern Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Cover the modern bathroom wall decor with neutral colors, such as dark gray, beige, light gray or olive green. Choose the warmest tones of this group and stay away from the nude whites that give the space an institutional and generic feel. Add depth and the illusion of size to the room by covering the wall with horizontal stripes in a range of neutral colors. It incorporates darker colors that complement the neutral tones through the equipment, edges, and accessories of the room, including hand towels and works of art. Apart from making the room look brighter, the neutral colors are a blank canvas that adds potential resale value to the house.

The lighter shades of almost all colors for modern bathroom wall decor, including brown, blue, yellow or green, trick the eye into seeing the larger space than it really is. This is because the lighter colors reflect light, as opposed to the darker tones that absorb it, creating a cavernous sensation in space. Choose the color depending on the decoration of the house or opt for a lighter shade of your favorite color to give your small bathroom a bright and fresh feeling. Again, reserve the darker colors for the accessories and the edges of the room.

Tricks the eye to see the larger space using the same color on the walls, edges, and accessories of the room. Start by finding the lightest paint tone and use it to cover the walls. Paint the edges of the bathroom with the same color of the paint or a lighter shade to give space dimension. Fill the room with accessories and artwork of the same color or a single darker or lighter shade. Filling a room with several different colors of modern bathroom wall decor breaks the flow of the room, making it look smaller.

The cold tones that create a calm atmosphere, will be a trend in 2018. Some of the best options for cool shades are blue and emerald green. They combine with white and touches of wood for a fresh sensation, with metallic details and rustic materials for a more sophisticated design. White is the predominant color when it comes to bathroom accessories. White helps create a fresh and contemporary environment. Use white accessories to complete a clean appearance, contrasting with the walls or cabinets.

Use other decorating tricks for modern bathroom wall decor to make your small bathroom look bigger. Replace a large, bulky sink with small pieces or sinks with a pedestal. Hang a translucent curtain to avoid adding a sudden block of disruptive color in space. It incorporates several mirrored surfaces in the room to reflect more light. Eliminate unnecessary clutter inside the bathroom by keeping only the essential elements of the sink.

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