Advantages of PVC Gate So You Should Install It

PVC Gate – The PVC gates are an economical and practical solution for many areas of the house. They are available in different colors and even glazed! An interesting alternative to close spaces that occupy less when opened and frees us space in the interior of the room.

PVC Pipe Gate

The first advantage of interior PVC gate is space saving. Its opening system in the form of an accordion limits the maximum space occupied to open and close the gate, which makes them a particularly interesting option in spaces such as the laundry room, the pantry, small cupboard recesses or even the sink. The folding opening system, the most common in wooden gates, has the disadvantage that a space must be reserved to open and close the gate, and in reduced rooms, where up to the last cm counts, the PVC gate in accordion can be a great solution, In addition, the colors of nowadays white and oak, allow to fit the gate well with many different styles of decoration.

The second advantage of these PVC gate is the economy. Being manufactured in PVC and with the standardized format, the costs of these gates are quite affordable. They oscillate between € 43 (model One, the cheapest) and € 126 + Iva (model Layra). You can even ask, glazed. The Layra model incorporates a synthetic glass in its lamas that give it a glazed effect. Both the Layra model and the Axia model have a key lock, which is very interesting for use in commercial premises and offices, where it is possible to close a space at a low cost. A wooden sliding gate comes out much more expensive.

The third advantage, modularly to our liking. The standard measures of this type of gates are 2.05 m. high x 84 cm wide, although it is possible to “modulate” them to make them wider or narrower, according to our needs. This type of gates comes with a guide of 1 m that is expandable up to 2m, and from there we can buy loose slats to make “grow” in width to our PVC gate and cover the gap that we need. It is also possible to mount two opposing gates, with closing in between, in this way we will achieve a width of up to 4 m. to close a space. In the same way that we can add, we can also remove slats from our gate to make it narrower if necessary.

Fourth advantage Easy assembly and practical maintenance. PVC gates have the advantage that they are easy to assemble. They are designed as a DIY product, are easy to transport, weigh little and come well packaged. They also have detailed assembly instructions, and although one is not an expert, you can with some indications, assemble this type of product, saving the cost of installing the gate, which takes a significant part of the budget. The maintenance is simple, with a cloth for dust or at most a damp cloth for a more thorough cleaning, you can keep your PVC gate in perfect condition, as long as you make proper use of the gate, without forcing or hitting it.

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