Affordable Garden with Railroad Landscaping Ties

Railroad Landscaping Ties – Railroad ties are a common gardening material made of hardwood that provides a natural texture to match any garden design. They are an affordable, recycled material, removed from their use on railroad tracks. Sleepers are commonly used to build walls along the landscape; the walls can be functional or cosmetic. There are several different applications for railway sleeper retaining walls, depending on the needs of the landscape and the design of the preference of the homeowner.

Railroad Ties Landscaping Ideas

A terraced wall is a retaining wall with level and measurement platforms integrated into a slope. Many local building codes put a height restriction of 3 meters for housing walls – built, so this type of wall is the ideal choice for the do-it-yourselfer. Build the railroad landscaping ties retaining wall 3 meters high at the base of the slope; Cut the slope above the wall to create a platform level of about 6 meters, and repeat the steps until you have created the desired number of small walls.

Natural wood, like railway sleepers, which makes the ideal environment for the waterfall cascade of water in the landscape. Build a 3-wall to 4-foot-tall railway sleeper in the desired location in your garden; dig a small pool at the base of the wall and line with a black plastic. Drill holes in a piece of pipe or pipe for water to get out. Connect one end to a water pump and cover the other end. Install the pipe at the top of the wall so that the water circulates to the pool. Pressure-treated railroad ties are water resistant and work well on the characteristics of the water, but the railroad landscaping ties used are often treated with toxic creosote. If the links contain creosote, which can leak into the water, a flowerbed, garden statue or water fountain. Alternately, it extended out of the ground on top of the sleepers and on the hillside behind them.

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