Amazing DIY Garage Tool Storage Ideas

Garage Tool Storage – Spring is the time chosen by most families to perform a more thorough cleaning of all the rooms that are part of the house. The one that usually gives more work is undoubtedly the garage since, for some reason, it is usually the place in which we put less emphasis during the year to have it clean and tidy. In the end, it is usually converted into a sort of dump where all the objects end up stacked without a specific order. To solve this, we want to talk about interesting ideas that we can apply to keep our garage in order, and most importantly, without requiring much effort.

Good Tool Chest

The first garage tool storage idea is to build your own cabinets. A homemade closet to store things is not complicated to make and the advantages that we will achieve with this will be very important since we can have everything better organized. You can also get the idea of PVC pipes to organize your garden tools, and stop having all the tools stacked in a corner and organize them well using PVC pipes. The PVC can give us a lot of play, and used in the right way we can get great storage.

If you are one of those people who spend hours and hours doing things with your tools, nothing better than placing them on a board to have them all at hand. So you will not waste time locating the one you need at any time in this kind of garage tool storage. Or if you want to work with the curl, you can create a trolley with wheels where you can place all your tools and take them where you need them.

And the next idea is to build a panel of tools. The base of our panel of tools will be made with a piece of plywood. The size will be the one that suits us. We will also make silhouettes with self-adhesive plastic with which we will mark the position of each tool. As fixings for the tools, we will use the aluminum tube, to which we will form and we will cover with a hose of rubber. This garage tool storage panel for the basic tools of a DIY lover can be placed in the garage or in the storage room. And it will serve us both with manual and electrical tools.

A very simple and practical option is to make shelves or wooden shelves that have different holes in which we can introduce most of the tools. In this way, we take advantage of the space next to the walls and we will have at hand and visible everything we need. Or the glass jars idea, this kind of idea can be reused to store materials such as screws, dowels, lag screws, etc. In this way we will have them at hand and visible. What do you think of these ideas? Do you have your own organizer at home? Or you just get those ideas above to consider as the best-fit garage tool storage in your garage.

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