Amazing Touch of Vintage Bathroom Wall Decor Style

Vintage Bathroom Wall Decor – We have already spoken several times in this section of the vintage style. We have seen how to turn an old piece of furniture into a ‘vintage’ piece. We have even seen ‘practical cases’ of houses with obvious touches of that style. On this occasion, we will try to find some clues to make our bathroom an example of the vintage. Because, in effect, it is a tendency. Yes, this style, a mixture of the classic and the romantic, captivates both locals and strangers, young and mature. So point out some of these ideas to implement them separately or independently.

Bathroom Wall Art Vintage

The first thing to take care of vintage bathroom wall decor is the choice of colors. The predominant tones must be clear, such as white, beige or gray tones. Avoid the shrillness and strong colors and think about how the bathrooms were almost a century ago. At best, you can throw yourself to put some pastel, but as long as you have an aged air. Or to put some flash of gold, very old-fashioned for example in the accessories. One of the main elements to print a perfect vintage style in the bathroom in the use of a classic color range. Light colors, with lots of light, such as blue or bright pink are characteristic to print a classic style in the room. They do not have to be used only on walls or tiles. On the contrary! The vintage shades are perfect for bathroom items of furniture such as curtains or towels.

Floors and walls can be the detail that makes the difference. Or the canvas on which to place the rest of the details that will identify your bathroom as vintage. You have several ‘master’ options to choose from. For vintage bathroom wall decor, we like to bet on rectangular tiles and preferably in white or gray. Although it can be combined with a geometric design socket in the same colors; or even with something of the relief. The combination of white and black is also very suitable, the better in checkerboard. In the floors, you have the possibility of looking for a hydraulic. In the purest style of the floors of Barcelona’s Gothic quarter. You will get a really very personal space.

Last but not least, it is necessary to talk about the type of furniture suitable for the vintage style bathroom. We leave behind the smooth surfaces without any element that breaks that linearity and monotony. On the contrary, with this style, we find the vintage bathroom wall decor with details, either in the form of paintings or floating elements for storage. Other elements that frequently appears in the vintage style bathrooms are classic chairs or armchairs; which in addition to contributing to implant a classic character in our bathroom, offer great functionality. The use of furniture with supports is also a typical feature of this style.

It is one of the most used resources and one of the most beautiful, whether they are mirrors without vintage frames or current designs, you can arrange them in groups and mix mirrors of different sizes and shapes, or alone. Generally, we see that they have the current designs alone, although we found some great group arrangements for vintage bathroom wall decor.

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