Baby Boy Themed Rooms with Cars Theme Arrangement

Baby Boy Themed Rooms – Today we dedicate our post to offer you ideas to decorate a Cars theme bedroom. Since 2006 these curious characters have us super hooked. Ray McQueen and his gang have won the love of the children and have millions of followers scattered around the world. The Cars theme is perfect for decorating rooms for babies and children. Today we bring a lot of inspiration, we hope that our recommendations will help you.

Boy Themed Room Ideas

Before starting your decorative baby boy themed rooms project you will need a lot of inspiration. Take ideas to decorate a Cars theme bedroom from this selection of photographs we have prepared. Beautiful rooms decorated with original details. The most used tones to decorate a theme bedroom Cars are red and blue with touches of yellow. These colors are what best define and represent the style. But do not close yourself to other possibilities, as you will see in our examples everything is allowed.

Undoubtedly, as we always recommend, the realization of an artistic mural is a great focal element that will receive all the attention. We understand that this option is expensive and everyone cannot afford it, but if you have a budget, the visual effect is shocking. And its decorative power is total. With a painted mural of Cars baby boy themed rooms in the children’s room, you will not need almost anything to get an incredible themed atmosphere.

Custom projects are those that best take advantage of the space and the most beautiful ones. Cars furniture and accessories will be an essential piece in the bedroom. Also, you will not find it difficult to find these elements, even on the internet you have excellent proposals. Look at this bedroom, true to the theme, but with a very soft relaxing air, just in line with the latest decorative trends. And finally, a room of Cars decorated in more unusual colors, and still looks beautiful and different.

Ordering the realization of a custom baby boy themed rooms is a dream. The result will be most satisfactory for both parents and children. We share a recommendation for those who live in Spain. It is one of the works of Art4kids, specializes in designing and manufacturing children’s rooms “made to measure”. This environment is dedicated to the famous Pixar movie “Cars”. The centerpiece of the bedroom is the “Lightning McQueen” bed. Rounding out the bedroom is a gas pump-shaped closet, with a hose included, and a desk. Also an incredible painted mural, as an artistic work that represents “Mack”, the truck friend of “Lightning McQueen”.

As we mentioned, buying Cars furniture and decorative accessories for baby boy themed rooms is very easy. We have selected some very special products. There are many more, this is just for guidance, so you can see what you can find from the comfort of your sofa. Your Cars theme bedroom will need a McQueen Lightning bed. Look at that beautiful model, made of 18mm agglomerate. Interior available in red and white, rounded edges and mattress included. After the bed, you will have to take care of dressing her in a nice bed set. Other accessories such as carpets, lamps, curtains, cushions, vinyl, will add a very personal touch and children will love it.

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