Beautiful Art of Wall Decor Designs with Plates

Wall Decor Designs – Decorating the walls with dishes was a trend many years ago, and maybe there are those who sound old-fashioned. However, decorative trends are recovering this element and adapting it to modern styles. Using crockery and ceramics hung on the walls to decorate interiors is a trend. On other occasions, we have talked about how to create whole decorative sets with only one element, such as mirrors or books, and this time it is the turn of an object that is reinvented as a means of fashion for illustration, design and the interior design: the plate.

Wall Art Ideas for Large Wall

The dishes can be, in themselves, very nice elements, decorated with all kinds of images, colors, and textures; but if we combine them and have creative forms, they can completely transform the appearance of a room. The versatility they offer in terms of sizes, designs, tones, textures; they allow us to innovate at our pleasure with the way we organize and propose the compositions.

The key is to adapt this decoration to be vintage instead of old-fashioned, and kitsch instead of Rococo. That is to say, to take advantage of the classic inspiration and the retro or rural reminiscences that the dishes can bring but in harmony with a more modern and renewed style. The wall decor designs decorated with dishes fit perfectly into the shabby chic style if we combine old models with others of contemporary design. And with the vintage, if the set of the decoration of the room also follows this aesthetic. And if we use pastel shades we will endow any room with a sweet naïve air.

To place the plates, it would be advisable to first draw on paper how we plan to arrange them: forming some form of concrete, fitting together, superimposing them, occupying more or less surface. Once we have the wall decor designs, we place the template with the outline of the plates on the wall and by means of adhesives, plates of suspension, hooks or some other means that we choose, we fix them well in their place.

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