Best Jungle Theme Baby Room Trends

Jungle Theme Baby Room – The themed bedrooms are a trend to take into account when choosing the decoration of the children’s room. If your children are passionate about a theme or character, surely they will be happy to have a room completely inspired by this theme. Animals are always a good theme to decorate the children’s bedroom because all children love them. They are also a good resource for baby rooms, especially if you want to avoid pink and blue. The jungle is also the perfect setting to imagine a thousand adventures, and many of the movies and favorite stories of the children take place there. Do we let ourselves be inspired by these children’s rooms inspired by the jungle?

Jungle Nursery Decorating Ideas

This baby room is very sober and minimalist. The most striking detail of jungle theme baby room is the mural on the wall, which in any way keeps the palette of the rest of the room, and gives a fun touch among sobriety. In this case, it is a decorative vinyl wall, but if you have a good hand you can also paint a mural. You can achieve a childlike decoration inspired by the jungle without having to include so many animals and maintaining a certain sobriety, using animal print prints. In this case, we see it on the carpet, and the rest of the room avoids the prints so as not to overload the whole. The animals are present as silhouettes on the wall.

Although it is the savanna and not the jungle, this children’s bedroom is made of a film! If your pocket allows it, since giant stuffed animals are a bit expensive, your children will flirt with a room that is an invitation to adventure. We showed it to you a while ago with other rooms for kids. When it comes to baby rooms, the cartoon animals, sweet and tender, are ideal. Using decorative vinyl you can customize the furniture, and then add some more details, such as carpet and some stuffed animals, to have a jungle theme baby room.

Another example of sobriety is this baby room in yellow and brown tones. Only with the silhouettes of the animals, we can achieve a fun and at the same time sober atmosphere. I love the idea of the polka dot wall, and the monkey hanging from the upper guard. This children’s room is perfect if we know that we will change the decoration after a while since you can see that the details inspired by the jungle are easy to remove: paintings, toy animals, and the lampshade. To copy: harmonize all the details through the chosen color palette for jungle theme baby room.

Another alternative is to use a mural that covers an entire wall. It can be painted, a vinyl or some wallpaper, in commerce there are many possibilities. In this way, when you decide to change the decoration, it will be enough to remove this mural so that the room is “neutral”. A tip: if you use a mural as colorful as the one in the picture, make sure that the rest of the decoration is very sober, with few colors, to avoid an overloaded effect that takes light away from the room and makes it look smaller. What do you think of these ideas? Do you like the jungle theme baby room?

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