Characteristics and Benefit of Acrylic Lace Pool Deck

Acrylic Lace Pool Deck – The pools can be constructed in many ways, but a unique one is using acrylic glass. It can be used for the entire structure of the pool (walls and floor) or for small details. One of the most impressive effects of this type of material, is in overflowing pools on one side, with a backdrop such as a sea, achieving unique optical effects, looking like the pool merges with the sea, in the same element. This material is widely used by architects and design companies, but more and more people are choosing this material to create their own dream pool. Decorative coatings are a good option and replace more and more traditional finishes; they promise to accelerate the times of work, minimum maintenance, and great durability

Acrylic Pool Deck Resurfacing

The most important characteristics of glass of acrylic lace pool deck are is the transparency of around 93 %. The most transparent of plastics. High impact resistance, about 20 to 25 times higher than that of glass. Resistant to the weather and ultraviolet rays. Without appreciable aging in 10 or 15 years of external exposure. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Lightweight compared to glass (approximately half), with a density of about 1190 kg / m3, is only slightly heavier than water. Easy to install and also moldable, with possibilities to create curved shapes.

There are some particularities of acrylic lace pool deck kind of coating. The mixture of the acrylic base combined with natural quartz that is responsible for achieving the rustic textures; by dragging the grains in the form of veins, textures are achieved. The base of its application is it replaces the fine plaster, the endued, the fixer and the paint. It is a waterproof coating. It conceals imperfections, covers and prevents the appearance of new fissures. It can be used in both interiors and exteriors, on bases of coarse plaster, well drowned, fine, plasterboard, wood, etc. They are placed quickly and do not need specialized labor. Fragrant in a few hours. They have a duration of 10 years.

The types of acrylic lace pool deck textures that they can be flattened, projected or travertine ridge. It is essential for textures made with acrylic coatings that the base surfaces are plumb and without imperfections. On the other hand, the “monolayer” replaces only three steps: the thin one, the painting, and the water-repellent insulation. They are placed on the traditional thick plaster that must be very well executed and without unevenness since the coating takes its forms. In terms of costs, those of acrylic origin are the most expensive, but labor costs less than what is needed to place a cement coating.

The transparent acrylic lace pool deck are one of the latest trends in exterior design. Elegant and minimalist, these pools are built with a transparent glass or acrylic wall or window, allowing you to see inside, creating a very attractive effect. As original as the infinity pools, this type of transparent pools are perfect for decoration of porches, terraces, and gardens, but also for interiors, as a decorative element next to a living room.

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