Charming Balcony Fence Design with Glass Ideas

Balcony Fence Design – The balconies are an excellent option to enjoy the outdoors. There are small, medium and large, long, square, and even triangular. There are also those, which are so large that they form a balcony-terrace, and that are not only platforms that detach from the wall and float, but that part of their surface is on the roof. But what makes them so special and so desired? Well precisely that they are a space to feel the fresh air, to relax, to spend pleasant moments and to admire the panorama of the city or nature. If there is enough space on the balcony, you can even place a table, chairs, and umbrellas and turn it into an area for food, meetings or parties. There are balconies-terraces that even have a Jacuzzi or a small pool!

Modern Railing Designs for Terrace

And what makes the balconies even more attractive? A glass balcony fence design! Yes! An almost invisible security barrier that allows us to feel even more the sensation of being floating or being part of the urban or natural landscape. Without a doubt, the glass balconies are to see well and to be seen. In addition, that for its material, which although it is transparent, stands out as a modern element in a facade.

We started with this balcony which has been placed a transparent glass balcony fence design to be in tune with the glass windows and give the impression that the balcony has no borders. The fencing is framed with a steel structure, both up and down, as well as having vertical columns in a stainless steel tube to give it more stability. The glass plates are firmly secured by steel profiles secured to the columns and the lower crossbar. And is not for less! To enjoy this beautiful sight we have to feel totally safe! A balcony design ideal for a house with a great location.

Why put a concrete barrier on this balcony? It would only limit the view to such an emblematic royal landscape. Successful choice: crystal balcony fence design in bluish tone. Framed with metal structure, a fence, and vertical steel columns. The industrial design of high resistance to sitting comfortably and admire the beautiful balcony accompanied by the family, this is one of the reasons on which they based and inspired for this housing project. Narrow balconies are the ones that stand out in the fa├žade of this building, but due to its transparent glass fencing without a beam and without an experimental fence, it seems as if there is no security barrier. In this project, the balconies with glass fencing accentuate the modern design of the building.

We have left without words the magnificent view from this balcony-terrace designed for a house in Mexican territory. Is that here between us, little by little comes up with another better design for the fencing, than the one used: a glass one? Probably not. Having selected this transparent material was the best alternative: no upper crossbars, only thin vertical metal structures, almost imperceptible and a thin, but a very resistant glass is all that separates this balcony-terrace from the wonderful landscape. Human and nature in the same space. What a spectacular balcony fence design, isn’t it?

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