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Wine Racks – There are many questions we ask about wine, its preparation, the fermentation process and even the best wine to accompany meats or other foods. Ask yourself about how to store wine bottles; up, down or horizontally, it could not be the exception. Today, I propose to know how to store wine bottles and explain the reason for storage inclination. If you are thinking about making your own wine cellar and collecting some wines, then these tips are ideal for you.

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How to store wine bottles? If you want to age the wine, it is not a good idea to place it vertically, so if you want to store it in wine racks, discard this option. Actually, only this form is used if the wine is ready to be opened and taken. So, the best way to store or store the wine is horizontal. Although we should know that there are three ways to do it; completely horizontal, tilting the mouth of the bottle down or tilting it up.

Storing the wine in a horizontal way is ideal because it will keep the cork moist and swollen, which will allow the air to not leak. Placing the bottles in this way will prevent the deterioration of the drink since the sediments will fall to a far end of the cork. In addition, it is a perfect option for long-term storage (if you want to let the wine age for some years), since it allows better visibility of wine labels.

Or you want the bottles tilted upwards. It is a good option for the sediment of the wine to be in the lower part of the bottle but, at the same time, the cork does not remain moist and would allow the air to filter and reach the wine. It is a risky method for wine racks. On the other hand, it is a great idea to store the wine as it is a safe way to do it, serving to prevent the bottles from falling off. Although it is not the best option for the aging of them, since to keep them inclined, you would have to move them to moisten the cork every so often.

It is also risky if you want to age the wine. Although the cork will always remain moist, the problem is that the sediment of the wine will be stored in the back (close to the wine racks), which will spoil the drink once opened. Keeping bottles of wine tilted downwards, as well as storage upwards, can be good options to store them but not to age the wine, since you will always have to move them to prevent the sediment from accumulating on the top or moisten the cork, in both cases. In conclusion, if you want to age the wine, the best way to store wine bottles is completely horizontal. Although (if your priorities are different) you can use the different ways of storing the wine to your wine racks.

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