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IKEA Galant Desk – IKEA is a wild and changeable creator. After viciously killing off the Expedit rack in February, the Swedish furniture lord has decided to send the Galant desk to the same destiny. Production of the Galant has already stopped, with the desk required to be completely phased out by October. Like the Expedit, the Galant is one of IKEA’s most common and hackable furniture parts. To celebrate its passing, here are a few of our popular Galant hacks, get one while you still have the opportunity!

IKEA Galant Desk Extension

The large IKEA Galant desk allows lots of room too to expand out. Having all the furniture white in a room with a grey and red color design also attaches to space’s soft feel. What’s red, black and glossy on it’s all over the desk? Today’s highlighted workspace! IKEA Hacker built this desk out of IKEA components, including the slide-out keyboard tray large enough to implement both a computer keyboard and also musical keyboard. The desktop is a cheap Gloss black door and a red Besta door, and they were a perfect fit to use one as a keyboard tray. The speaker stands are actually planted stands. Pretty much the only IKEA part intended to be used for desks are the Galant desk frame and legs. For more features on this amazing handmade desk, visit IKEA Hackers.

IKEA Galant

IKEA hacker Stuart liked this IKEA Galant desk but needed some extra area, so he bought some Rubbermaid wire storage and added it to the underbelly of the desktop. Who says that you have to sit in a chair or stand to get the comfort at your table? Today’s promoted area showcases a giant white table that sits low to the base so the floor can be used to seat. Simon Starr lighting like the details in the image gallery we serve, including an IKEA Galant desk and also the LED lighting in the rear for some preference lights. This workspace is the production of Lifehacker reader, who sits at the table of cross-legged on a yoga sport mat. Besides the extremely low height of the IKEA Galant desk, the area has a clean and also minimalist application. I’m not sure how long I can sit by cross-legged on the floor. But perhaps it would assist getting up to take more of those needed breaks from sitting.

Many home offices require enough storage area, but that’s not a problem with today’s recommended workspace. In fact, the IKEA Expedit shelving systems are one of the highlights, attaching cubes everywhere for visual business as well as accommodation. The large IKEA Galant desk allows lots of room too to expand out. Keeping all the furniture white in a room with a grey and red color scheme also adds to space’s tranquil feel.

IKEA offers a variety of recipes for standing desks. Lifehacker reader meeper3000 determined to employ one to create this highly designed, custom standing area made from a variety of parts including a tabletop and frame from the IKEA Galant desk variant. Even the door-as-desk option is usually viewed as a workspace solution for ruined college kids and start up a business, it’s an excellent way to get a lot of areas economically and doesn’t have to be dull or cheap looking.


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