Color Ideas for Country Bathroom Wall Decor

Country Bathroom Wall Decor – If you want to give your home a warm and welcoming look, a country that adorns the theme is an ideal choice. It is a particularly effective choice in a utilitarian space such as the bathroom, which can easily begin to feel cold and sterile. Choosing the colors of a country bathroom paint can be a difficult decision, however, because there are a variety of options to consider. Once you place in the type of country you look for your bathroom, you may have an easier time finding a paint color that works for space.

Country Bathroom Decor

You cannot go wrong with a scheme of country bathroom wall decor that celebrates classic American, so the colors of the flag are the ideal paint colors for a country bath. For a simple look, paint the walls a bright white color and use blue or red for cutting and molding. Use the color that remains as an accent shade with towels, rugs, and curtains. If you have a large bathroom and prefer a bolder look, go with blue or red walls and paint the white trim. If your country bathroom has beadboard panels, you can also paint the top of the white wall and the red or blue beadboard to anchor the space.

If you prefer a French or English country bathroom wall decor style for your bathroom, pastel colors are an option. A soft lilac or lavender tone is an ideal environment for home-inspired bathing. Spearmint, blue sky, and yellow butter are other attractive color options for a French or English country bathroom. Combine any of these pastel shades with crisp white trim and molding for a smooth appearance that works even in a very small bathroom.

Country decorating often makes use of warm and muted colors of paint with an aged finish. If your country bathroom wall decor has a beadboard or other wood siding, try painting a faint sage green, rust, or golden yellow shade. Use sandpaper to decorate the salvaged wood in random places and apply a brown glaze to the beadboard with a rag. When the enamel is cleaned, the Beadboard has an aged look, so that the walls of the bathrooms will look like those of a period country house. You can paint the top of the white or beige walls or choose a color that is a shade or two lighter than the beadboard panels for a monochromatic look.

If a more subtle look for your country bathroom, neutral paint colors are the way to go. A soft cream or beige adds warmth to the walls while providing a blank canvas for the room. You can take an American approach and add decorative red and blue pieces. Use mint, blue lilac or light-colored accessories to create a French country house look for the bathroom. You can paint your bathroom vanity wood a wise or rust of muted colors and give it an aged finish too. Because the neutral colors of the country bathroom wall decor work with a variety of country looks, you can even change your mind about the theme of your bathroom without having to repaint the walls.

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