Color Themes for Baby Boy Rooms with Feng-Shui

Themes for Baby Boy Rooms – The children’s room is usually the most colorful place in the house. Normally, it is the most cheerful and original space of our home. However, according to Feng-Shui techniques and some chromotherapy experts, not all colors are appropriate for all situations and ages. It is shown that colors exert an influence and have effects, at least in part, on our behavior. The colors do not say and do not express our way of being, but they can negatively or positively influence our mood, through the sensations that they can offer us. Each color has its own light, energy and its own effect.

Baby Boy Nursery Decorating Ideas

The first themes for baby boy rooms idea is powerful red for your baby. It has a very powerful effect; It attracts visual attention immediately. It stimulates action and can express passion, emotion, aggression, and danger. Authorize, stimulate, dramatize and compete. In China, red is the color of the Fire Element. It is considered a symbol of good luck and has the power to chase away evil spirits. Culturally, it is associated with heat, passion and vital energy. Red increases blood circulation increases tension, is healing and stimulates the appetite. It also manages to make the laziest work, transmits vital energy and it is advisable to wear it when you have nasal congestion.

The natural green is a very eloquent color and is associated with nature, fertility, and spring. This themes for baby boy rooms transmits security, expansion and encourages emotional growth. It provides greater brain activity, calms the mood and acts as a detoxifier. It is the color of relaxation par excellence because it reduces tension. It is the color of hope. And it can express nature, youth, desire, rest, and balance. In China, it is the color of the Wood Element, of plant life and of spring. For Feng-Shui it is a color appropriate for the room of small children if it has good natural light.

Relaxing blue has a soothing, reassuring and serene effect. It is the second most powerful color after red. Helps to fall asleep, besides attenuating headaches and stomach disorders. In general, it is associated with physical security and strength. It produces sensations of tranquility and peace. It is a reserved color and it seems that it moves away. This themes for baby boy rooms can express confidence, reserve, harmony, affection, friendship, fidelity and love. In China, it is the color of the Water Element and is associated with immortality. It is a sedative color, which decreases pulsations, lowers blood pressure and reduces appetite.

Colors such as wood, crude, corn or beige transmit tranquility and quiet, so they can be suitable for very excitable children. When they appear in excess and without other touches of color can be boring and conspire against creativity. White broken, raw, light beige, stone, linen or pearl tones. These are the themes for baby boy rooms colors recommended by Feng-Shui until the year 2023. With the combination of these colors in the interior of the home, we will not be wrong. We will avoid energy crossings and achieve the harmonic balance we seek. They are suitable for the decoration of children’s rooms.

Gallery for Color Themes for Baby Boy Rooms with Feng-Shui