Contemporary Style of Copper Wood Holder

Copper Wood Holder – Copper was trending in 2015, but today it becomes popular and favorable once more. Copper furniture, auxiliaries, lamps, and accessories are fashionable in interior design. This year the metallic shines continue to mark style and copper, with its reddish reflections, is a trend because it unites tradition and vanguard. Innovative, original and daring designs, such as the Real Good chair by the firm BluDot (pictured), made with a material that has been used for 10,000 years.

Copper Firewood Container

How to use copper wood holder in your decoration? The copper furniture is very personal and striking. Thanks to this metallic material, bright and reddish will become the protagonists of any space. Use them with moderation: the larger pieces, like tables, usually come in two materials (stone or wood and copper legs). The chairs and tables of center or auxiliares must counteract their visual weight with neutral colors or cakes or, on the contrary, with a unique color, more intense or warm. In any case, the rest of the decoration will guide you in choosing the most suitable colors. The Breeze copper wood holder tables by the Swedish designer Monica Förster are another example of creativity, modernity and light design. Copper gets along well with other noble and natural materials, such as wood, especially in light tones; put on a stone, like granite or marble on kitchen countertops, for example, or with brick or stone walls. A sure bet are the lamps that you find in numerous designs. The interior designer and English designer, Tom Dixon, was one of the first to bet on copper decoration.

If you do not dare with copper wood holder furniture, decide for mirrors, lighting, as I said before, or for putting accents with copper objects in different rooms. In the kitchen, as an example, you can get a rustic or vintage touch if you choose copper utensils. There are kettles, pots, pans, and all kinds of bowls or containers. Which environments are suitable for copper furniture and accessories? Rustic, especially kitchens, but also a dining room of country house or mountain well admits copper. But, the industrial style gets along very well with copper. It adds a vintage or more modern, depending on the piece, but in any case is very suitable for a loft interior, for example. The last style is contemporary environments, with copper furniture like the photos, modern, original, simple and sophisticated, will be up to date with these pieces.

Copper is an element of natural origin, which is extracted from mines and found in the earth’s crust as well as in oceans, lakes and rivers. It is a finite resource that is totally recyclable. It does not change with the passage of time and it withstands extreme temperatures. On the outside, copper wood holder can acquire its characteristic green patina, which is the reaction of the material to “protect itself”. Hence the greenish appearance of domes of buildings and statues. An example is the Statue of Liberty, in New York. It is widely used in housing pipes, both indoor and outdoor, due to its high durability and low maintenance.

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