DIY Garage Overhead Storage and Its Benefits

Garage Overhead Storage – It is rare to see a garage that houses only one family vehicles. Usually, these spaces are the monkeys of capture for all the things of your family, and they can get messy pretty quickly. If you want to use the walls and ceilings in your garage for storage, you can add wooden shelves to store the excess material. Mount the wooden bookshelf to take advantage of your garage space.

Overhead Garage Storage Installation

The garage overhead storage creation of two squares with eight pieces of 2×4. Use an electric screwdriver to join the four pieces together. Or have someone help you keep the pieces together as you insert them in or glue them with wood glue first. Determine where you want your roof platform to go. Climb a ladder and use a stud finder to locate the roof beams and then mark them with an X, along with the area where you want the sides of the roof platform to go. This is the place where you connect the 2×4 pieces. Bring your wooden boxes up to the roof and screw one of the sides into the roof rafters. Take the other wooden square and screw it to the roof beams that you have marked for the other side of the platform.

Take your piece of plywood shelving and place it on the 2×4 installed. Secure the plywood for the 2x4s with the electric screwdriver and screws. Use a thick section of plywood for heavy loads. Check the garage overhead storage specifications of the lumberyard to determine how much weight your chosen piece of plywood can hold. If you cannot find the asparagus, use hooks, but do not let the contents on the shelves exceed the maximum weight of the anchors. You can use an old door as a shelf instead of plywood. This will not only save you money but the old materials re-ends. Make sure that the roof rack does not interfere with the garage door tracks.

Whether you have a large garage or a smaller one, these ideas will enchant you. It is about getting benefits of some tricks to have the garage always neat. The roof, once again, can get us out of a big hurry. They have used it as a space to store large plastic boxes. There are some woods that act like the rails to remove them whenever they are needed. If you have bicycles, notice what ideas we have collected to store the bicycles on the garage overhead storage. If you look, the roof is the best friend you can have. In the first place, a bar bolted to the ceiling and the ground has been chosen and two supports for the bikes have been cast.

Take advantage of the many metallic storage rack packages available for installation in the DIY garage. Measure the free height of your garage roof and the dimensions of the usable areas to specify rack sizes and capacities. Manufactured garage storage racks give you a turnkey solution for the addition of ascending garage overhead storage space.

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