DIY Ideas with the Balcony Garden Box Recycled

Balcony Garden Box – If something is fashionable in decoration is recycling and DIY and the star of this fashion is wood. And today I bring you a few ideas to decorate your house with wooden boxes for your balcony. The wood is a natural product home to perfection with plants. So these wooden boxes are ideal to give them a second life in your garden or on your balcony, where you can use it as a container to plant flowers, making a set of them stacking them and in which to place pots and decorative objects like a lamp or a watering can, or as we are going to see next, to place a frontal of wooden boxes, that already of in case would be pretty, and in them to place pots with flowers. Do not you think it is a great idea? I love it.

Balcony Garden Design Ideas

As you know, gardening is a long-term job, the same thing happens on the balcony or terrace, even if it’s just a balcony garden box. If you start to put different plants in abundance, when they grow, you will have space, neither for you nor for the plants. Start with small and small, and see adding space and time you have to dedicate to your garden, as the plants require practically constant care. If you see that everything is going well, then, go ahead, and keep adding plants and flowers.

Try or prioritize evergreen plants. They are easier to take care of and the balcony garden box will always look good. Beware of colors. We all like a beautiful garden with beautiful colorful flowers. It gives joy to the soul, there is no doubt. But a bad color scheme can create a negative effect on how you or the rest perceive the garden. If you are going to start small, start with a maximum of 3 colors for the flowers. And if these colors combine much better. Do not think that 3 colors are few, because each color has its nuances and tones, thus multiplying the 3 initial colors by many more.

Think about your long-term care. If you plan to set up a good garden on the terrace, you probably want to create a point to plug in a hose. It is not the same to water with a planter a couple of balcony garden box, then a garden, however small it may be. You can also consider building an irrigation system. In general, if they are well assembled, water is saved with them, while the plants always have the optimum amount of water they need.

Choose the balcony garden box. Within the possibilities offered by your terrace or balcony as far as space is concerned, the bigger the boxes where you are going to put the plants, the better. The larger, more land fits, that is, more soil for the plant. What will make it grow better and healthier? To create a certain harmony, when you have many plants or boxes, you usually cover the top of the boxes with some natural ornament, such as river stones or pieces of wood, for example. This creates a harmonic uniformity that always looks good.

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