Easy and Simple Renovating with DIY Bathroom Wall Decor

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor – The bathroom is one of the great forgotten in terms of home decoration. Many times we think more about the functionality of the space (they are usually small) than in the interior design itself and once installed the chosen toilets we forget the rest. There are many ways to renew the style and decoration of our bathrooms without having to start large projects. So, today we are going to see some options for ideas.

DIY Bathroom Wall Art

The first DIY bathroom wall decor is painted the tiles. You already know that it is one of the simplest options to give a radical change to our bathrooms in a fast way. For this, we must clean the surface well and use a synthetic enamel resistant to water. If there is no comprehensive reform, sure if there is a paint bucket. With brush or roller in hand and patience, we suggest that you go on the adventure of painting your bathroom. Go to the nearest DIY center and let yourself be seduced by unthinkable colors, heat and humidity proof.

The second idea is to use the vinyl idea. It is a resource of a simple application, which allows us to give a new air to our bathrooms without making any reform. This type of product usually resists well in contact with water and, in addition, they are easy to clean. Then the decorative panels, polyurethane or PVC as main material of DIY bathroom wall decor. If we want an original and different idea for our bathroom, we can find it in the panels, which allow us to obtain coatings that mimic, for example, brick, stone. They are also quick to install and have good thermal insulation.

This is maybe the best solution when we want to completely cover the tiles but without going into construction. It is the wallpaper idea. As it is a smooth surface, we can install the wallpaper on top, although it is necessary to pay special attention to that the surface is completely smooth and dry so that the adhesive sticks correctly. In addition, you can also choose to install it only on certain walls, avoiding the most humid areas, such as the wall that faces the shower. In any case, the best way to resist moisture is to choose a waterproof artistic DIY bathroom wall decor paper.

Another option is to cover the wall with wood although, in the same way as in the case of wallpaper, we must reserve this decoration to the wall of the bathroom that is less exposed to moisture. Even so, we must bear in mind that, over time, the humidity will act on the color of the wood, although we can treat it with a polyurethane protection. In any case, this option will be possible as long as the bathroom has a good insulation and ventilation system.

As the addition and complementary for DIY bathroom wall decor, you can also put the chandelier to the wall, they seemed to have no place in our modern houses, but there is nothing more elegant than a totally modern bathroom and a crystal chandelier protagonist in the ceiling. You have modern or old to restore great price. Get one and turn your bathroom into your palace. What do you think of these ideas?

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