Get Couch to Bunk Bed for Space Saving

Couch to Bunk Bed – If you have often had to sleep on a sofa bed, you will know what it means to take the bed to go to sleep: move tables, remove chairs, everything to extend the bed, often leaving little space to move around the room without having to jump on your mattress. Then it’s time to make the bed: sheets, blankets, and everything have to be assembled again every night in most of the mechanisms. The solution with which this perfect couch that becomes two comfortable bunk beds. You can use it throughout the day as a comfortable couch, in which to sit quietly watching television or receive visitors and turn it into two beds at night in a fast, simple way, without the need for additional space in the room and without a need to make the beds every night.

Couch That Turns Into a Bunk Bed

The convertible couch to bunk bed is an invention that has solved many situations throughout its existence. Obviously, it is not the same to have someone sleeping on a sofa, with the following pains the next morning, then on a sofa bed: a friend of the children who stays to sleep, a cousin who comes to examine himself from a competition or some inlaws who come for a season.

A novelty that is interesting for our casitas, where rooms are getting smaller and adaptability is needed. Imagine a children’s room, where the sofa with a simple gesture and without effort is transformed couch to bunk bed, a wonderful idea, or even a second residence, those tiny apartments on the beach that we have with the minimum. It has a design that integrates the bunk bed mechanism with tubular structure of high strength steel. The pillows of the seat and backrest are made of fire-retardant polyurethane foam with a soft fiber cover, which for greater practicality, are completely removable.

The transformed couch to bunk bed is the sea of typical and common for how practical they are, a sofa where you sit to watch TV by day and a bed at night seems a good idea to save space in the house or where to have a corner where to leave the visitors to sleep some night. What you might not have seen before is a sofa like the one in this design, it goes one step further than usual because after making a small movement from the base upwards it becomes nothing less than a bunk. You pull up a bit and in two seconds you have enough space for two people to sleep on top of each other. To make matters worse includes even a mini ladder to access the upper bed that you can store under the sofa while you do not use it.

The cover of a convertible couch to bunk bed can be removed to wash and while it is not open it goes through a normal sofa. So, the secret will remain hidden for those uncomfortable visits that you do not want them to stay.

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