Get Much Benefit with Elevated White Writing Desk

White Writing Desk – Elevated desks allow you to work standing up and see remarkable benefits in physical and emotional health by putting our entire body into operation. Most people who writing as work usually spend around 8 hours a day sitting. However, adopting this position could be seriously affecting your health. Studies have shown that physical inactivity can be the main cause of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, premature death, heart problems, among other conditions. Therefore, it is very important that you are attentive to perform regular medical check-ups and that you follow some simple tips to take care of your body if you work all day.

Standing Writing Desk

To combat the physical effects of working sitting all day is beginning to use a new form of workstations called elevated desk (standing desk), which stand out for its remarkable health benefits. These white writing desk is used to work standing up, either before tools and materials; depending on the moment and the activity that you want to perform. The raised desks allow you to work standing up and see remarkable benefits in our physical and emotional health.

The only way to reduce or eliminate the negative effects of sitting is to not do so. In this sense, working on a standing desk can help, significantly. Standing allows you to easily move and flex the muscles of your body; keeps blood circulating well, which helps maintain blood sugar level and control blood pressure. A 2013 study showed that using a raised white writing desk causes the heart to beat an average of ten beats per minute faster than when sitting on a chair. This is equivalent to burning about fifty calories per hour. Considering that a person can spend an average of five hours standing per day, five days a week, this would amount to burning about 1250 extra calories per week.

Working standing puts the blood of our body in motion, which allows our mind to be more alert. At the same time, we are constantly aware of the movement of our limbs, making it less likely that sleep will reach us. The most popular model of a chair that is used to work in front of a desk is one that has wheels and can rotate on its axis, a design that usually requires a good amount of space to function properly. Working on an elevated white writing desk maximizes the space we have. For large companies, this represents the possibility of placing 25% more employees in the same space through the use of standing desks.

Using a raised desk can improve posture and benefit our spine. The back and shoulder pain often caused by spending long hours sitting in front of the computer can be greatly reduced. And although at the beginning there may be a slight foot pain, our body will gradually adapt to this new position. Working sitting in front of a desk, usually inside cubicles, can totally eliminate the opportunity to talk to colleagues or notice that something important is happening. On the contrary, working on the feet allows a few minutes of visual contact, which significantly improves communication. Instead of sending an email you can simply search through a couple of white writing desk and see the person in the eye to chat for a moment.

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