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Silk Trees Hobby Lobby – Artificial trees have come a long way since the cheap, mass-produced Christmas trees that looked nothing like the real thing. Modern silk trees allow homeowners to enjoy the beauty and ambiance of trees, without the mess or the chore of watering. For those of us who seem to kill every plant we touch, an artificial ficus tree or a silk bamboo tree can add life to a room and enhance interior decor, with hardly any effort.

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However, artificial silk trees hobby lobby, while easy to keep and maintain, still have to be cleaned, as with any other ornament in your home. Artificial trees need regular cleaning, although incorporating it as part of your normal cleaning routine will ensure that it is not a chore, only taking a few minutes of your time. Every few days, when you clean around your house, get into the habit of giving your silk trees and silk plants a light dusting. A feather duster does the job perfectly well, and running it quickly over the leaves and down the stems will remove the vast majority of the dust, leaving your silk trees looking clean and fresh.

Every couple of weeks, you should look to give your plants a deeper clean, ensuring that every single nook and crevice is cleaned with the feather duster. If any parts look particularly grubby, a soft, damp rag can be used to clean off the worst of the dirt, although you should be careful not to saturate the cloth or rub too hard. Finally, every three months or so, you can treat your artificial silk trees hobby lobby with a proprietary silk plant cleaner. This solution dissolves the dust and dries to love a warm, natural sheen on the foliage and stems of your silk plant. After this, your plants will be as pristine and beautiful as when they came out of the box.

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