Great Jewelry Boxes to Keep your Jewelry

Jewelry Boxes – As my friend would say: “classification and practicality, there is no more”. Starting from this maxim and that the simplest ideas are really the most beautiful, I want to share with you two very simple and practical ways to order your jewelry: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings. Let’s go with the first one.

Jewelry Box Target

Medium in size and not very wide (the Coronitas beer are great). Place the larger and elastic bracelets on the bottom and leave the smallest ones for the neck of the bottle. Once full, you can have them on top of the chest of drawers or on a shelf in the bedroom, a glance will be enough to find the one you want to put on. I had an old wine box as jewelry boxes in my house and I liked the idea of hanging it on the wall and placing the bottles in it forming a small still-life painting.

The second idea is to look outstanding with wooden frames with mesh. From time to time I take a tour of the Chinese in my neighborhood to investigate and look for details that inspire me. In my last raid I discovered these wooden frames with mesh (they reminded me of the sieves to sift the flour that my mother had in the kitchen), and immediately the idea occurred to me: use the mesh to hang the earrings. I chose three different sizes and as you can see, I have had a very decorative composition of jewelry boxes. An important fact, only valid for hook earrings.

Now you would like to make a beautiful wrapper that makes that gift even more special. So, why do not you make an easy craft box using an elegant wrapping template? In this project, we will give you the necessary steps so that you can create a pentagonal box. You can make it using different materials and colors. They are ideal to be used for storage and have the advantage of being able to stack. Create your own jewelry boxes for gifts, storage of jewelry and other jewelry.

The idea is to make them in cardboard style materials, to make them stronger, especially the back of the pattern. To make boxes by hand you need a printer. Start by clicking on the image of the box that you like to see it bigger, save it on your computer and then print it by placing a thick stamped paper or a colored card in the sheet feeder of your printer.

Then print, cut the template and make the box by hand folding the flaps as shown in each instruction. You can make the elegant cover box in color of white card or color, or make these cute boxes with leaves in the colors you prefer. If you place a stamped or hand-painted card, you will achieve custom crafted boxes. This elongated box is perfect for a necklace. For bracelets, we can make a hexagonal box, like the one in the following model. Beautiful ways to make elegant, simple and creative jewelry boxes, with which to wrap the bracelets or jewelry that you want to give.

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