Great Reasons to Use Standing Desk IKEA for Work

Standing Desk IKEA – If you are tired of spending hours and hours sitting in front of a screen, including back pain, this idea will interest you. The tables for standing work are not only really expensive but also are usually not very well designed. Two designers have built this improvised table that is totally cheaper than other options, fits at any height that is elegant and practical. Many studies prove that spending 8 hours of your daily work, sitting in front of a screen can increase the risk of suffering from diseases, increasing the chances of an early death, so that you avoid this reality we come to talk to you about the best standing desk, the ideal solution to finding a healthy balance between mobility and comfort during the hours you invest in your work.

Computer Standing Desk IKEA

It’s called standing desk IKEA and it’s a project that has exceeded the funding required on IKEA. It has two levels, one higher for the monitor, and the other lower for the keyboard or laptop. It consists of adjustable tables at different height thanks to lateral slots and also has holes for the cables and load the equipment. The invention costs $ 200 (shipments from May-June), but for only 25 you can receive the files with the plans to make the structure for yourself, something that with tools and a little patience does not sound complex.

The result is similar to what you see in the gallery image. The good thing about this idea is its mobility. Probably nobody wants to be working standing up all day. If you want to exchange between working assembling and standing, the table seems easy enough to remove and put once or twice a day on your contemporary desk. For this reason, designers from IKEA have created desks such as standing desk IKEA that allows office workers to stretch their legs a bit and not be sitting for 8 hours a day. Because studies assure that working standing is beneficial for health.

The standing desk does not only seek to be versatile in its use but also elegant. It is made with wooden planks without working to achieve a unique aesthetic that is complemented by metal pieces that give it a modern look. By standing desk IKEA, designers wanted to give companies with young employees the opportunity to have a modern, flexible workspace that respects their privacy.

As the architects of this standing desk IKEA say, it is a piece of the most stable that can support the weight of a laptop. In addition, it is important to take into account that it is made of a water-repellent and stain-resistant material. With this piece, what the designers want is to be able to turn any surface into a standing desk. And it is that working on your feet is much healthier than spending many hours sitting. Then we leave you with our gallery, where you will find more images of this practical design. Do not miss it!

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