How Garage Bike Storage Wall Mounted

Garage Bike Storage – The construction of a simple bicycle rack mounted on the wall is easy, cheap and allows you to stack bicycles of any kind in the garage or inside your house. There are several types of bicycle racks. This one is simple, requires less space than others and will hold two bicycles. It will have a single vertical strut of 2-by-4 from floor to ceiling and two cross pieces with hooks for bicycles to rest.

Bicycle Storage Racks for Garage

Decide where the bike stand will be placed as garage bike storage. It will have to be against a wall with at least 6 feet wide for 7 feet of open height. Measure the distance from the floor to the roof and cut the 2 by 4 bolt to that length, making sure that you do not cut it is less than your measurement. Cut the other short of 2-by-4 in half. These are its transversal pieces. Cut a 3 1/2 inch piece from one end of each of the cross pieces; these two small pieces will be spacers.

Check and adjust your long 2-by-4 against the wall by placing the cover of it against the ceiling where the frame will be placed. Tap lightly on the bottom of the beam with your hammer. If it is too long, cut it out and try again until the bolt fits firmly against the wall between the floor and the ceiling. Take the bolt down and drill two holes with your small drill, one inch from the top, but angled through the top of the beam. This is your toenail attachment of garage bike storage. Measure the two upper tubes your bicycle ‘between the seat and the stem. Deciding where your hooks are will work best on them, preferably with the widest possible spread, one near the seat and one near the trunk. Take those measurements, center them on the short cleats, mark and drill through them with the largest bit.

Start by turning the hooks into the pilot holes you just made. When they are all tight, align them together, upwards. Put your bikes down on the long stallion in the order you want garage bike storage to hang and decide where they were stuck in their cross pieces. Mark that point in the center of the beam. Pilot-drill the wooden spacers and screw them into the marked points. Switch back to the small and little pilot to drill the crossbars with the hooks already in place. Screw on the spacers using four screws for each transversal element.

Mounted bicycle stand, place against the wall, tap in place and screw it to the ceiling using the fixing holes of the foot. To increase the resistance you may want to put a small piece of wood under your hatchery when you touch it on the wall, forcing it against the roof before placing the screws on toenails. Make sure your frame is solid. After hanging your standing garage bike storage and before hanging the bicycles, give an effort test by grabbing the cross piece on top and putting your weight on it.

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