How to Break Up a Long Wall in Living Room in Brick Material

How to break up a Long Wall in Living Room – In remodeling, it is common to have to demolish certain walls or walls to adapt the space to the new design. Whether to expand a room, place a new door or create an opening for a better light input, get rid of unnecessary closings is the daily bread in the renovations. Depending on the type of wall and opening you wish to create, specific instructions must be followed for each type of construction. If in your case, the walls that will be affected in your remodeling are of brick, you are in the book of ideas indicated to know step by step how to cut a wall of bricks to create an opening.

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Leave the tools aside, when it comes to remodeling a space the most important thing is to be clear about the result of how to break up a long wall in living room that you want to achieve; and for this, the best thing you can do is draw and make sketches of various proposals for remodeling. Create several sketches with square, round, rectangular windows, etc. Once decided, it is time to continue to the next step. Using white chalk or a black marker, make a scale replica of your sketch on the brick wall you want to cut. Remember to make sure that the size and proportions of the window or door you selected exist in the market.

With the area to cut determined and the tools in hand as the step on how to break up a long wall in living room, it is time to proceed to make the cuts. Not without first having placed a metallic lintel to make sure that the brick wall will not come down. To make the cuts, use a grinder to create the cuts in the drawn shape, never pressing the tool towards the wall strongly, in this way you will obtain cleaner cuts.

Now with the perimeter boundaries of the opening cut with the grinder, you must loosen the mortar of the bricks you want to knock down to create the opening. Using a drill penetrates certain parts of the mortar that joins the bricks. With the joints of the weakened bricks, take the hammer to proceed to the next step. Making sure that the upper lintel is well placed to avoid collapse, use a short-handled hammer and square base, this type of tool works better than a normal brick for this task of how to break up a long wall in living room since its surface is larger and generates less breakage to the blocks.

Once all the blocks are removed, your opening is ready! But before decorating or placing any type of frame for door or window, you must ensure that the top of the opening has a strong structure to prevent the collapse of the wall. Once the structure is ready, you can decide how the edges of your new opening will be finished. Depending on the style you are looking for, creating a rustic and industrial finish that contrasts perfectly with the white and minimalist interior of this apartment. Besides fun, remodeling your home for yourself is a challenge that we all want to overcome. Following these instructions of how to break up a long wall in living room, we assure you that you will get top-quality finishes when cutting a brick wall.

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