How to Choose the Best Baby Room Thermometer

Baby Room Thermometer – Fever is one of the things that most concern parents, especially when the child is very small. Having a good thermometer that offers a reliable measurement is essential to know exactly what temperature any member of the family has. This way we will not only be able to act in case of necessity, but we will also gain in tranquility.

Best Room Thermometer for Baby

In this site, we know how important it is to control the temperature of the smallest of the house. In online store, you can find the baby room thermometer that best suit your needs and other products to ensure your safety and that you do not have to worry about, such as baby monitors and bottle sterilizers. In addition, we offer decoration ideas so that your baby’s bedroom is perfect. The existing variety of thermometers is very wide, which makes it difficult to know which the most suitable thermometer for our needs is. Depending on the form of measurement and the part of the body in which it is used, we can find different types of thermometer:

Gallium thermometer: is the substitute thermometer of traditional mercury, which is in disuse because it is a toxic chemical element. It can be used in different areas of the body, it is cheap and in case of breakage it can simply be cleaned and thrown away without any danger. Digital thermometer: it is the most common baby room thermometer, in which the result is presented on a screen that facilitates reading. Within digital thermometers, we can find axillary, oral, front, ear and rectal models.

Plastic strip thermometer: this thermometer is a strip of plastic that changes color with temperature . It is placed on the forehead and, although it is the least accurate thermometer in terms of degrees, it is one of the fastest. Non-contact thermometer: there are thermometers that measure the temperature without being in contact with the skin. We can find infrared thermometers and ultrasound thermometers: they offer a very fast reading, but they are expensive and the result is influenced by certain factors such as, for example, ear wax.

First of all, the baby room thermometer must be able to measure the temperature accurately: if it has been in the sun or exposed to high temperatures, the measurement will not be reliable. Keep in mind that the temperature of babies is easily altered by heat, so we should not take the temperature right after bathing or if they have been very warm: this would make the result that throws the thermometer is not correct. Before and after using it, we must clean the tip of the thermometer with alcohol or warm water and soap.

Baby Room Thermometer and Night Light


If we want to take the temperature of a baby, it is preferable not to do so in the mouth unless it is a pacifier thermometer. The measurement of ear thermometers is not very accurate in very young children, so it is preferable to choose to put the thermometer in the armpit. We have to take off his shirt and dry his armpit before using it; It is important that the child is calm, since we will have to hold the baby room thermometer until it warns us that it is ready. The temperature is considered normal if it is below 37.5 degrees.


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