How to Choose the Proper IKEA Curio Cabinet

IKEA Curio Cabinet – Curio cabinets were originally intended to highlight some collectibles. It was known as curiosity cabinets long ago when it came about during the 1600’s. They do not only serve as ordinary cabinets because most of these cabinets are made artistically and they could stand on their own as beautiful works of art.

Glass Curio Cabinet

IKEA curio cabinet are available in different sizes and styles. Some designs are modern, while some are ethnic looking, and others look elegant and classic. If you want the cabinet to be the main attraction in the room, then you should display it in an area where it is easily seen and you should decorate it with tiny little collectibles or large intricately designed pieces to magnify more attention. When you require the cabinet to be the focal feature of a room, the primary thing you should do is to recognize what sort of items you will place inside. For examples, if you will finish it with tiny puppets, then you don’t really require a large cabinet.

A tall glass IKEA curio cabinet with glass shelves will work out well. If you plan to put bigger pieces, on the other hand, you have to consider getting a cabinet that is bigger in size. The most popular things that are usually saved inside curios are ceramics, collectibles, carvings, puppets, photos, ornaments, or even wine drinks and plates. It helps if the cabinet has lighting fixtures to brighten-up the area inside. Or mirrors on its sides will create a double illusion of what’s on the inside. Lighting and mirror effects enhance bring-out the best in your display. Glass curio cabinets add a brighter touch to the room and they work best in offices or the dining room.

The next thing you should consider is where you are going to mount the cabinet. For it to be the centerpiece of the room, you have to put it in a corner or side where there is enough space. You should also consider where the entry of the room is. It is always better if it faces the main entrance to the room. After you have identified in which nook it belongs and after you have decorated the insides of the IKEA curio cabinet, the next thing to do is put accent pieces around the room.

For example, if your cabinet is not too tall, you can accentuate it with a mirror above or you can put vases or other decors above it. If the cabinet is lean and tall on the other hand, you can put another furniture’s beside it like a chair or a smaller table. A wall curio cabinet is a furniture piece specially designed to keep your valuable pieces protected and free of dust, saving you time in cleaning and keeping your valuables out of the children’s reach. How you decorate it or where you put it, will determine its purpose. If your goal is for it to become the focal point of the room, then display IKEA curio cabinet in a way that it catches attention the moment anyone goes inside the room.

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