How to Clean Bathroom Plaques Wall Decor from Iron

Bathroom Plaques Wall Decor – There is no doubt that iron is a very versatile material due to its strength and malleability. It has found many uses in construction such as cables, I-beams, and re-bars. Aside from being a sturdy construction material, iron can be used as a decorative medium. It can, for example, be used to create wrought iron tables and chairs that adorn lawns. It can be made into iron grilles serves as a decoration and a security measure for windows. For Victorian themed homes and establishments, iron can be used to make decorative dividers.

Wall Art for the Bathroom

But even if iron as bathroom plaques wall decor is a durable material, it cannot stand the onslaught of rusting. Eventually, iron will rust but the pace depends on the kind of iron. What exactly causes rust? Rust in an oxide, a usually reddish substance that is produced when iron chemically reacts with air moisture or water. Rusting is a form of corrosion. Eventually, all the iron in a structure will turn into rust and disintegrate. Irons such as steel rust quickly; just a few days in the open and rust splotches will show. On the other hand, aluminum and stainless steel rust very slowly. This is due to the properties of its oxide, which actually forms a protective passive coating.

Since rust destroys the original beauty of a decorative item such as an iron bathroom plaques wall decor, it is important to get rid of rust. Yes, getting the rust out is tough but easy. Here is a simple method of taking the rust off a decorative piece. You would need a few rust-removing materials-a soft-bristled paintbrush, a commercial rust cleaner that has oxalic acid, a small amount of water, a wire brush, an old toothbrush, and a sponge. Rust cleaner is a strong chemical thus you should wear rubber gloves and eye protection.

First, clean the rusted piece with a paintbrush to remove surface rust and dust from your bathroom plaques wall decor. Mix a solution of water and commercial rust cleaner. The mixture depends on the severity of the rust if the rust is particularly severe, you will need more rust cleaner in the solution than water. Dip the wire brush in the solution and start scrubbing the rust off the piece. Scrub the piece in a circular motion. It really doesn’t matter where you should start, but be sure to cover the entire piece. A missed splotch usually spreads eventually.

Continue scrubbing until all the rust is removed and the bare metal shows on the piece. You can brush off the residue off the iron wall plaque using an old toothbrush. When all the rust is removed, wipe the piece with a sponge dampened with water. You may also wipe the piece with a dampened sponge while scrubbing. Then dry it using a soft cloth. To prevent further rusting, apply a coat of rust-resistant primer on the piece. Then top it off with two coats of rust resistant paint of your iron bathroom plaques wall decor. You can get these from do-it-yourself shops.

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