How to Get Camping Bunk Beds Fast and Easily

Camping Bunk Beds – The family that loves to camp together, soon learns that in order to get everyone under one tent roof requires either a lot of money for a gigantic tent or some ingenious planning to best use available floor space. Camping bunk beds are at least one answer to fulfilling the latter option. But the question soon comes to the forefront of just where to find camping bunk beds. The main benefit of a bunk bed is saving space. If two children share a room, there is little space, to begin with. A bunk bed is ideal for the smallest of the bedroom and the largest of families.

Portable Camping Beds

Probably the first source of camping bunk beds is under the category of military surplus. The U.S. military establishment used metal bed frames for the more permanent bases to help house soldiers. These metal bed frames measure 78-1/2 inches long by 35-1/4 inches wide by 28-1/2 inches high. The frames were fashioned to permit them to be connected above each other to form a stack that measured to a height of 68 inches. Mattresses can be had from most any mattress factory, but inflatable mattresses for single beds work well with this type of frame as long as there is a protective cover between the frame springs and the inflatable mattress.

The next likely source to answer the question of where to find stack-able camping bunk beds is any of the more popular outfitters for hunters and fishermen. Cabela’s, Kame’s, and other outdoor suppliers of equipment for campers, hunters, and fishermen all are good places to shop. These supply houses provide a good supply of durable and portable camping bunk beds that work well with tent camping. Searching the Internet also has proffered the researching shopper with sources for bunk beds to be used for camping, as well. Yet, along with ready-made versions, there are also plans available online to fabricate wooden framed bunk beds for more permanent camp settings such as cabins and hunting camps.

If you are establishing a year-round campground with the opportunity of providing lodging for many visitors at many different times, institutional camping bunk beds are a good consideration. They are manufactured products that are sturdy enough for long, hard use, and lightweight to dismantle easily and move around as needed. Four-inch foam mattresses finish out the requirements for good, reliable sleeping for many people over a long period of time.

So, if you are a large family that likes to “rough it” by tent camping and wants to tour the great national parks of the western states, where to find camping bunk beds can best be answered by first visiting your local big-box retail store. There you can “test fit” what is available. Then take your search to the Internet for the latest technology. All-in-all, the online store will probably be the best source of all to answer the question of where to find camping bunk beds. The easiest way to find anything, anytime, and anywhere in the whole world.

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