How to Take Care the Large Slate Tiles

Large Slate Tiles – Slate is a material that serves to give a more rustic touch to homes. If in your house you have a wall like this and you do not know exactly how to clean it, in this article we give you some tips to keep it in perfect condition. It look like “the blackboard”; it is not painted, it is a rock look like that formed by the compaction of clays. It is usually bluish black or grayish black, but there are red, green and other tones, it is divided into slabs or flat sheets, being, for this characteristic, used in floors. The minerals that form it are mainly quartz and muscovite. Its installation is the same as other stones. It can be left with its natural matte finish or apply a sealer that, besides giving shine, helps to counteract the humidity. In this case, the stone was laid flat.

Natural Slate Tile

The large slate tiles is not only used to decorate a room, but it is also quite common to find this material in shower lining or on natural stone floors. If in your house you have this material in some wall, we offer you some tricks so you know how to clean it and eliminate the dirt that can accumulate. In this sense remember that the more time the surface passes without cleaning, the harder it will be to remove the stains later. Before starting this task, we must bear in mind that we cannot use any product to clean this material or we will risk damaging the surface. Remember that you can never use acid substances, such as bleach, ammonia, vinegar or products containing lime, as they can damage the color of the large slate tiles. It is best to use products with a neutral pH.

Regarding the procedure, we can choose one of the following options. Use hot water. Although it seems an unhelpful method, it is one of the best alternatives for cleaning slate walls. If the previous solution does not work, you can moisten a cloth or sponge with water and a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. Try rubbing the surface gently and let the mixture sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse the wall thoroughly with warm water.

In the event that your bathroom has large slate tiles, you will have to follow these steps. Make sure the shower is completely dry to start cleaning the slate. Moisten the sponge with a special neutral pH cleaner and gently rub on the stone tiles. If it is the first time you do this work, it is advisable to do a test in a small area of the shower and wait for 15 minutes to see the results. If the color remains intact, we can apply it to the rest of the tiles. When 15 minutes pass, rinse with clear water. Wait for the tiles to dry before reusing the shower. Knowing how to clean the slate walls, you will have every part of your house impeccable. And if you want to have a reliable policy to deal with many breakdowns, breakages, and damage, do not hesitate to hire an expert. Choose the large slate tiles coverage that best suit you and your family.

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