Ideas for Decorating Pastel Purple Nursery Ideas

Purple Nursery Ideas – Make the nursery warm and cozy for you and the baby while decorating in pastel purple colors. In purple pastel colors it is a soft color that is naturally found in nature. They use it to develop their inspiration for the design of the room as they borrow themes from nature to decorate the baby’s room. In addition to achieving an organic feel to the room for your choice of materials, bring the sweet smell with a lilac or lavender candle.

Purple Baby Room Decorations

In pastel purple nursery ideas, a whimsical color, it can stand on its own, but, if combined with a neutral color, such as black, it brings a more dramatic design look at the nursery. If it fuses in purple pastel colors with white, the nursery becomes a softer aspect; However, a white paint with a yellow dye in pastel colors makes purple pop. Several possible themes for a purple nursery cake include butterflies, lilacs, lavender, garden flowers or a paisley print.

As you design the walls, paint a purple pastel accent wall with the other walls of a white paint with a yellow base, or opt for a pastel purple solid on all four walls. Slash the top half of the walls, and add a white beadboard below in the bottom half or run a mole border with a purple background around the nursery that separates two different colors, a neutral and pastel purple nursery ideas. You can also paint or print a border of flowers or butterflies, instead of using a wallpaper border, and the scheme with white trim.

Furniture and curtains also the best thing to achieve the purple nursery ideas. Buy the furniture with a black lacquered finish or paint old white pieces to give a shabby chic look. These neutral pieces give you the option to change the theme, without the need for new furniture. Furniture in a nursery includes a crib, preferably one that can transition to a child’s bed when the baby grows, a changing table that doubles as a dresser with storage underneath and a rocking chair. For window treatments pick up a purple cloth in pastel colors or one with a purple print, and hang a word-length curtain with scissors underneath, which gives you the option to tie the curtains during the day, with colorful tassels cake, leaving the transparent to spread the light on the baby.

Hang purple nursery ideas in pastel trim around the crib, and add a matching crib set. A quilt covers the baby’s pastel colors while the baby looks at a musical mobile of butterflies and rainbows. A set of 26 purple line plots one of the walls with purple pastel letters of the alphabet. Baby’s birth announcement is framed and hung on the wall next to a baby picture with mom and dad. A purple-faced clock sits on the dresser, and a pastel crochet blanket falls off the top of the rocker with a purple cushion inside.

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