Ideas for the Beach Wall Decor for Bathroom

Beach Wall Decor for Bathroom – Do you want to turn the bathroom these months? Would you like to turn it into the refreshing and relaxing corner of the house? Keep reading because we have some ideas to decorate the bathroom in summer that can help you and that will not cost you work (or money) to get them.

Coastal Wall Art

After a day in the office, the sweltering heat of this summer and the trip by subway to home. What better than a relaxing bath in the bathtub? In these months, the beach wall decor for bathroom will become one of your favorite corners of the house. For that reason, we want to propose some refreshing ideas to decorate the bathroom in summer. Decorate it with a sailor style, aromatic candles, a little natural sand in a vase and you’ll have a piece of beach in your house!

There is no style more summery than the sailor style. To get it in your bathroom you will have to incorporate some marine elements such as starfish, anchors or boats and use summer colors for the walls such as white and navy blue. In addition, something as simple as a knotted rope can give a very original touch to the decoration. You can place them in the mirror or on the towel rack. And to finish, you cannot miss a piece of beach in the beach wall decor for bathroom. Create a candle holder with sand by filling a glass bottle with clear sand and ‘sticking’ a vertical candle afterward. You will achieve a romantic atmosphere without spending a euro!

There is also another idea that you can do yourself and that may look great. And you will not need to buy anything or invest a lot of time. Look for old frames, those that we have at home and that we no longer use because they have gone out of style or are somewhat old. Paint the edges white, remove the glass and put a navy blue fabric in place instead. Place a starfish, a large shell or a conch shell in the center of beach wall decor for bathroom. In addition to an original painting, you will have a memory of your last trip to the beach hanging on the wall.

Both the coatings and the floor uses these two colors throughout its range, which will provide the fresh air you are looking for your bathroom. Combine these colors with elements of natural materials, such as stone or worn wood, which are so fashionable. It is very important that the woods you use are treated with moisture, precisely because they are close to the sea.

And finally another option that will give a turn to the bathroom and you can remove it when it is winter in the house. It’s about incorporating some summer and original vinyl in the bathroom. You can place it on the wall, in the mirror or even on the toilet or the sink. This one has left us amazed. We love! Do you see how it is easy and fun to decorate the bathroom in summer? And best of all, it does not have to cost a fortune and anyone can do beach wall decor for bathroom!

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