IKEA Garage Storage Hacks from IKEA Furniture

IKEA Garage Storage – Items that surely you have seen in the homes of several of your friends if you do not have them yourself in your own apartment. Luckily, if you want to have exclusive furniture without sacrificing the reduced prices offered by the Swedish multinational, you can always make a DIY to transform that furniture and nobody knows that you bought them in IKEA. If you dare to roll up your sleeves and get down to work, here are three ideas to transform your IKEA shelves.

IKEA Storage Hacks

The Billy model of shelves is undoubtedly one of the most famous of IKEA. And seeing the gallery images of the result of this DIY, nobody would say that it is the raw material of the furniture that we can see in Laura’s house. A house with a fireplace, glass lamps, moldings, and in which the owner wanted to put a bookstore without spending too much money.

The solution? Make three shelves of IKEA to give a new look to the IKEA garage storage, keeping the classic air, and saving the inconvenience that the floor was tremendously uneven. The three shelves were anchored to the wall, leaving a small gap between them to place a decorative element that simulated column. And in addition, they have added to the upper part a wood covering painted white to cover the space between the top of the shelves and the ceiling, and that it seems that the furniture had always formed of this house that is 100 years old.

The case of DIY to transform an IKEA furniture is the Hemnes collection, a collection that was to be located in the office of a house to transform as IKEA garage storage. This room is located next to the hall of the house, so it is the first thing you see when a visit to the house comes in. And that’s why its owners wanted to ‘dignify’ a little space, at the same time they wanted to maintain its functional character.

The transformation of the furniture was made by the owners of the house since they did not want to spend the money that a carpenter cost. To transform the space, they chose three shelves and two cabinets, which they removed the glass doors to eliminate the appearance of the dining room. The aim of the DIY was to make the five furniture look like a unique and tremendous furniture, also increasing the height of it to the ceiling using parts of other shelves Hemnes to transform as IKEA garage storage. They installed a skirting board like the one in the room and a molding on top, as well as ribbed casings between the different pieces of furniture to hide their union, and to finish, the set was painted with white gloss enamel paint. The result is spectacular, right?

The third DIY to transform an IKEA shelf is based on the Borgsjƶ model, using exactly five pieces. After building a base to raise something the height of the furniture, and after lifting a structure to hold the shelves, and drywall to look like a beige embedded in the wall. The hands that have made this DIY also placed a skirting board, a top molding, and lamps in the upper part of the furniture to illuminate the inside of it. Would you encourage yourself to make a DIY IKEA garage storage like the ones we have shown you today?

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