Most Appropriate Place for Outdoor Fireplace TV

Outdoor Fireplace TV – We know that when you ask how to place a television on top of your fireplace it is easy to fall into thousands of doubts related to safety, design, decoration, functionality, etc. The truth is that this is a very common practice, you simply need to take certain precautionary measures and plan the matter well before anything else. Keep reading and learn with us all about this simple and practical project for your home. Not only at the top of the fireplace, you can also put it in the different position.

Overed Patio with Fireplace and TV

The first common idea is to place the outdoor fireplace TV on the fireplace. It is the most common solution and has many variants, which you can see in the different images that I leave in the gallery below. To me personally, it is a solution that does not excite me, since I believe that the TV is very high and can be uncomfortable at the time of seeing it. The recommended height is between 60 and 70cm in height. Of this solution the one I like the most is the following one, a wall where they have made a custom shelving with a large sliding door that hides the TV when we are not using it, leaving a simple furniture front of straight and pure lines.

The first outdoor fireplace TV rule to keep in mind is that we have to think about where we are going to watch TV and place it at an appropriate height. If it is very high we will end up hurting the neck, so we have to remember that it is not a painting. And that in theory, we are going to spend many hours looking at it. Before placing the television, think about where you are going to put all the devices that are going to “relate” to it: DVDs, consoles, speakers and think about where the cables are going to go. Do not force the situation and think about which is the most convenient place to put it, since it may not be precise about the fire. Consider placing it on another wall or even on the side of the outdoor fireplace TV, do not be rigid in your approach.

The next idea is to place the TV on one side of the fireplace: It is a solution that leaves all the protagonist in the living room to the fireplace, in this way it will be the center of all the eyes as soon as you enter. In a more classic, modern or contemporary way, the solution is always the same (when the fireplace is in the center of a wall), custom furniture on both sides of the fireplace with space for shelves to place books, photo frames and of course the TV. And the last idea is when the fireplace and TV do not share the same wall. In this case, the solution is much simpler, since we can use virtually any furniture, low modern style or a piece of furniture with more classic lines, as in the case of the following gallery image of outdoor fireplace TV.

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