Neutral Baby Rooms Theme for Boys or Girl

Neutral Baby Rooms – It’s over for the pink room for the girl and the blue room for the boy. What takes are the unisex children’s rooms, neutral rooms, which does not mean boring, ideal for both boys and girls. With small details that bring originality, wallpapers, curious accessories and little-used colors that have a lot to offer, you can decorate the room of the kids, even if the boy and girl share a room.

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Neutral baby rooms tones are the resource of the great majority when we want to create spaces that are easy to modify and that do not easily go out of style. No doubt we are going to the colors that combine with everything, they are a classic and are elegant because we know that with neutral tones we will never go wrong. And more and more are the moms who choose them to create rooms of simple babies but full of charm,

A good idea is to base the decoration in light shades such as broken white or beige in furniture and walls and to give brushstrokes of color with some details. Pennants, carpets, cushions, and bedding can provide a good dose of joy, with the advantage that when you get tired you can change them without completely renewing the room. The gray is a safe bet for neutral baby rooms. It is a super grateful color for the decoration of the nursery, and nothing sad if you combine it with bright and cheerful colors such as red, orange, green or purple. ray cradles and textiles in gray, in one or more shades ranging from pearl gray to melange. In this baby room, we are shown how elegant this color can be. And the gray children’s rooms are so cool to us.

The wallpapers with stripes, both vertical and vertical, give a lot of play. They provide a very nice visual effect and take a greater part of the protagonist. But not only in walls, but also in carpets or textiles they combine perfectly with other prints. Do not be afraid to mix stripes with pictures or flowers. A classic neutral baby rooms among the classics in terms of basic colors is the union of black and white. The black and white children’s rooms are more and cooler, and there are a thousand ideas that start from the Scandinavian style, with really nice prints despite avoiding the color. This room shows us that we can use the color white as a base and we will have an equally nice and special baby room.

The rooms in soft tones have conquered us for a long time, and there are so soft colors that are almost neutral and can be combined in a simple way with more natural environments. In this room do just that with powdery pink tones, adding a touch of brightness with the stars on the walls. If you follow the trends in children’s decor, I’m sure you’ll hear the most natural binomial, the white color and the wood in its lighter shades like those in this Instagram room, another inspiration of the Scandinavian style. It is one of the simplest ways to give warmth and elegance to a room. And now you can also add wicker details, which have become a neutral baby rooms trend that we love.

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