Original Touch with DIY Mailbox Decals

Mailbox Decals – When we want to be creative and give an original touch to our house many times we squeeze our minds more than usual. In reality, the small details can stand out much more than the big projects, and it’s always simpler than it seems. We believe that the original touch is very good, but we also like humor. It is true that inside our house we do not always have opportunities of that type, however, what do you tell me about the mailboxes?

Mailbox Decal Designs

Do you have any loose splints at home? Do you like to work with your hands and create masterpieces? Do you want your mailbox to be different from the others? The truth is that you can perform wonders just by letting your imagination fly. Today we are going to give you some steps to build your own mailbox decals without spending a lot of money.

First, draw on a piece of paper how you would like your mailbox to be. Choose the size, the length and where you want it to open. Then think about how it will be decorated and painted, and what kind of ceiling you want. It is possible that you want it smooth, or making inclinations of the roofs of the houses, or as your imagination wants. Search for house remains of veneers and not very thick wood that you have left over from other constructions. (If you do not have, buy a sheet). Check the remains of paint you may have at home and if they match your mailbox decals design or if you would like to paint with them. Look for two hinges, waterproof paint, and brushes.

Start cutting the sheets to the desired size and then nail the boards according to the desired shape. Without small remains, you can make the joints by nailing the boards with one another, giving the mailbox form directly. Next, paint the entire mailbox with waterproofing, including the table corresponding to the part that opens that you have not yet placed. The waterproofing is necessary if you want the mailbox to last a long time. In case it does not matter to replace it soon, then you can skip this stage. When, after at least one day of drying, the waterproofing is dry, start painting and decorating the mailbox decals as you wish.

Finally, connect the door with the rest of the mailbox. Start by screwing the hinges to the door, and once the hinges are already fixed you will also screw them to the mailbox. Check that it can be opened properly, that it has remained as you wanted, and if not, rectify the failures. Making a cheap mailbox is simple. Nor need high skills in carpentry. And if you also have not gotten all the measures equal, nothing happens! Nowadays, the uneven is also fashionable, so you’ll wear the trend (if you like the final mailbox decals result, of course). Do you dare to make your mailbox economic and original?

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