Painting Wicker Furniture Ideas with Spray Chalk Paint

Painting Wicker Furniture Ideas – And suddenly a piece of furniture comes to your life. Well, in this case, there have been two. With the covers raised, dirty and with a somewhat regular appearance. Come on, they did not invite to fall in love with them. But they also deserve a bit of care and dedication. That I thought, although with some doubts about whether I would be able to turn them into two beautiful pieces or I was going to fail in the attempt. When you walk with little time and at the same time you do not have very clear if the result is going to be good, you have to take socks. So I decided to try it and in the most practical and fastest way. I took out the chalk paint spray and the bodybuilder’s tape. I tell you how to renovate two wooden and wicker furniture with chalk paint.

Painting Wicker Furniture with Chalk Paint

In this case of cleaning the furniture before the painting wicker furniture ideas, a good cleaning was essential. We put on our gloves, which then dry our hands a lot, and with ammonia and a brush, we rub hard. To remove the ammonia, we wipe the cloth with water and dry it with a cotton cloth. This is important. The wicker if it does not dry completely, it can rot and there is no solution. In this particular case in covering the furniture with tape, the idea was to make a combination of two colors, the cream, and a light gray. Therefore, when we use one of the colors we have to cover the areas in which we are going to paint with the other. For this, our friend the bodybuilder tape is a fundamental tool. As we started our chalk painting project with the cream color, which is what we are going to use for the wicker, we are going to cover the wood. Then, we will paint painting wicker furniture ideas with gray color.

If we have an outdoor space, there is no better place to take out the spray. But we do not want anything to be stained. With only 5 minutes that we dedicate to cover the floor and walls, we will not have to clean later. We use craft paper for the floor and with plastics and wooden clamps, we mount a wall against which to direct the spray. Simple, fast and clean! We leave you the painting wicker furniture ideas of the entire process of tuning the furniture so you can see how fast to assemble your spray paint space in 5 minutes.

Shake well the spray and go giving quick passes. We have to place the paint pot about 15/20 centimeters from the piece and avoid spending a lot of time in one place. So we are going to make sure that we do not have dropouts. Always fast passes both horizontally and vertically. Once the chalk paint is dry we can remove the bodybuilder’s tape. The drying time is very fast and if we want to do some retouching or give a second layer. Because there is some wicker fiber that we have not painted, we have to go before a cloth to clean the possible powder of paint that we have left. It would be the renewing the painting wicker furniture ideas perfectly.

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