Proper Dimensions and Materials for IKEA Office Desk

IKEA Office Desk – As I said earlier, depending on the space you have in the room or office you can opt for a classic table or L. There is also the U-table option but it is also less frequent to bet on them because they occupy a lot of space. Chosen what type of table we want to see how to select the dimensions. If there is no problem of dimensions in the room or office my recommendation would be to opt for a wide board, greater than 120cm, and with a depth of 75cm or more.

IKEA Home Office Furniture

In IKEA office desk, we will have plenty of space to place things like books, notebooks or even other devices such as tablets or laptops that we work with or want to have on hand without bothering or overwhelming us. And of course, the PC, if we are not the ones who like to have it on the floor, in addition to the rest of the devices (speakers or monitors).

On the other hand, if we work only with a laptop, a small table of 120 x 60 cm can be enough. Although again, since we are going to change, if we can opt for a bigger table I recommend it. Because you never know what IKEA office desk configuration we will have in a few months or years. There will also be situations in which we would like a larger desk but it is not possible. In those cases, it would be best to optimize the space to the maximum and keep it clean of cables, etc. You will really work more comfortable.

What material do we choose for the IKEA office desk? Here I let you choose to your liking. I am a supporter of wood more than glass or even metal. As a rule, they are cheaper tables and you can “play” with them to adapt accessories for cable management, etc. more easily. By the way, I speak only of the board because the feet or base I think they deserve we see it as an independent section. So you know, if you walk around any furniture store or sure you find boards that you like. And beware, do not rule out any possible option because some people are even using countertops (the only downside is that the bottom is just 63cm) or tables designed for the kitchen as a table for the computer.

Now that we have seen how to choose a good work table I think I see some examples to inspire you can be a good idea. Of course, I warn you that having the same table is often easier than replicating your computer configurations, sound equipment, screens, etc. If you have not noticed, most of these desks are from items that can be purchased at IKEA. And is that the popular store has become one of the main places to which many users resort to find boards, furniture, legs or easels. In addition to its already tables as the Bekant or Thyge that is very comfortable to have firm legs and adjustable height. Although if you have possibilities and something to do your custom IKEA office desk is not a bad idea. Because you can design exactly how you want the table, possible holes, etc.

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