Several Model Options of Bunk Beds IKEA

Bunk Beds IKEA – When choosing a bed for a shared children’s bedroom, let’s say there are three options: you can choose trundle beds, separate fixed beds, and bunk beds. Today we are going to look at the latter since it is a fairly common solution for those rooms where two brothers sleep and there is not enough space to have two separate beds.

Full Size Bunk Beds

The bunk beds allow you to gain extra space in a bedroom without the nuisance of the trundle beds, which have to be removed every night and with the ease that both the child above and below can be reading without bothering as they allow a certain degree of privacy In the market there are numerous options for different prices to put bunk beds in a children’s room, so let’s see some of them be able to choose better. The bunk beds IKEA that we see heading this post are the model from IKEA, made of pine wood and a rustic finish for those looking for a natural environment. Observe that a barrier has been incorporated into the bed above so that the child does not fall during the night and how the ladder does not reach the ground.

There is also a model that gives a greater sense of modernity. The problem I see is that they are so stiff and with the top board so opaque is that they can overwhelm small spaces, subtracting light especially from the upper bunk that is constricted by the planks. These bunk beds are oak, have a width of 90 cm and cost 750 euros.

In IKEA, they have several models of bunk beds, both in wood and metal. But the bunk beds IKEA I like best are the Norddal model, which are also made of pine and sold in dark brown. I see them as an intermediate point between the first and the second we have seen in this post because although the head and feet are solid, the upper part of the barrier is made of planks and lets light in. Its price is 229 euros and the ability to mount them as two separate beds in the case that half of their use change your mind, or if you want to leave them mounted and later decide to move to the bunk.

In Portobello Street they have very cuckoo white bunk beds IKEA but in my opinion, they are not practical, since the staircase leaves the bed forming a triangle and occupies more space than in the other cases. As you can see in the photo, your star bunk is lacquered in white which will give an extra brightness to the room and makes them ideal for both a male and a female bedroom although I am not sure if it will be cleaned very well. This model of litter is called Quadros and costs 277 euros.

I think that looking for a bit, I’m sure you will find some bunk beds that fit your needs and with a little skill, you can even decorate them as you like, since almost all of them can be painted with the colors that interest you the most. Anyway, if you ask me for my opinion, the ones I like best about all of these are bunk beds IKEA, although I do not know how they sleep in them.

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