Simple Cat Bunk Beds with DIY Project

Cat Bunk Beds – The cat bed we bring you today is going to love it because it is a very simple idea but with a modern result, a little rustic and very practical for your cat. It is a cat bed with its little shelter to take shelter in the lower part, made with only two wooden boxes, from those of the greengrocers. Before seeing the step by step full step I will tell you that I found some professionals of the craft work with wood. Do you know those cool wooden letters that appear both in decoration blogs? Well, they are his specialty! Mostly work letters or other figures, but as the description says to ask for that little mouth. I leave here also the link to its official website because it has no waste.

Cat Bunk Beds DIY

To make the cat bunk beds for your cat you will need two boxes of fruit. These, in particular, are of a large size, with three strips in each direction. Second, you must measure the hole in the bottom box. Make it big enough for your cat to enter normally. Take the measurements and mark with a pencil where you should cut the horizontal slats. For the box that is above you just have to leave a border, as seen in the image above, so that one of the sides we will remove almost entire. Once we have cut the slats that were not necessary, we will sand the edges very well, so that our cat does not nail any splinters. And then we will stick the top box and the bottom box for cat bunk beds with a special strong wood glue. This is the one they have used.

And that’s how it would look, before adding the cushion. If we want the box to have some varnish or a different color to the one it brings to the natural one, we will do it before sticking them together. And we will not stick them until they are completely dry, so as not to spoil them. Once everything is completely dry just add a cushion on the top that makes a bed. If we want we can also put a cushion or blanket on the bottom, which serves as a shelter. Even a carpet or fiber mat can be nice for our cat bunk beds. Be creative and experiment with the preferences of your cats!

Do you feel even more creative? Well, add your own ideas! You can make it for your cats with a very special change. Taking advantage of the resistance, weight, and height of the boxes, you can also add sisal rope at several points, so that the bed also acts as a scraper. As you know, cats tend to mark their territory with their nails, which it’s a great idea. By the way, can you imagine some wooden letters made, as they say, Miau? I would love it! I put it on my list! We leave you some more gallery of cat bunk beds ideas made of wood so that you continue to inspire yourself in the personalization of your cat space at home.

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