Thousand Ideas of DIY Garage Storage Organizers

DIY Garage Storage – One of the most important factors when it comes to keeping our garage clean and organized is to know how to take advantage of the amount of space you have, since this way you can make the most of the space and gain more in comfort. And is that most people use the garages as if it were a storage room. Here we show eight ideas for organizing a garage, with what you can use to get more out of this space that is often not used.

Simple Garage Cabinet Plans

If you do not want to store shoes and slippers at home, a piece of furniture of this type is perfect for storing shoes in the most orderly way. In a vertical position, it is evident that it occupies less space inside your garage. A bench next to the door always comes in handy, this form is important to keep the garage tidy. As we see, on top of it there are a series of racks so that, as soon as we enter the garage, we leave our coats, hats, and gloves. This DIY garage storage is more recommended for children.

High ceilings can come in handy to build a loft for storage. This loft acts as a small attic, which includes a retractable staircase. In addition, the handrail helps to ventilate the space. If you are not willing to invest time and money in building an attic (as in step three), you can build a suspended shelf above the garage door. What can we store in these shelves? Something you will rarely use, such as all the typical Christmas decoration.

A wall with slats can be also a great DIY garage storage. Stores that use this type of walls use them to keep things fixed and keep them within reach of customers. With this, you can store in more orderly way utensils such as bicycles, helmets, bags, shelves, etc. In fact, cabinets and drawers are not essential to buy or build a wall with slats to keep a garage organized. As we see in the image, with a good amount of shelves and drawers would suffice. Also, it’s cheaper.

A mural of tools is essential DIY garage storage if we want to carry out any type of manual work in our garage, since, thanks to the holes it has, we can fit almost any tool. This is easier to visualize that if we have everything stored in a toolbox. The type of integrated wall is the perfect solution to keep the garage as orderly as possible. As you can see, nothing is located on the ground. The bad, you can guess. Yes, it’s the price, but it’s still the most beautiful way to keep it clean.

Add full upward garage storage space by installing flooring and a flush-mounted attic ladder unit for easy access if there are open ceiling beams or a finished garage roof with framing open above it. Plan on reinforcing the roof’s construction as DIY garage storage if you want to store heavy objects there. In addition, you will have to install the right lighting fixtures controlled by a switch near the staircase.

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