Unclutter Your House with IKEA Shoe Bench Ideas

IKEA Shoe Bench – How many times have you found yourself running out of your home, but only to get held up looking for your shoes? You find yourself on your hands and knees searching for your shoes. Why do this to yourself? You can end your misery with a shoe storage bench. You will find that storage benches come in an assortment of styles and sizes. Whatever model you choose to purchase, they are good for keeping shoes in their right place.

Bench with Shoe Storage IKEA

Some IKEA shoe bench comes with cubbyholes for better organization. This is convenient for everyday shoes because all you have to do is grab them and you are good to go. There are some that come with a closed storage compartment under the seat. The shoe bench opens with a hinge allowing you to reach inside for your shoes. Space is usually deeper, which is convenient for bulkier shoes such as boots. Different materials are being used to make shoe benches. They can be made of plastic, metal, wood or even wicker. They can also have decorative details which will add beauty to your homes. Some of the popular ones come in different colors to suit any theme of a room.

One of the best places to place an IKEA shoe bench would be near the door entryway. Most people tend to remove their shoes upon entering their houses to prevent leaving stains on the carpet. A shoe bench near the entryway will help family members sit comfortably while they remove their shoes and put it instantly on the storage and out of the way. This means that you don’t have to worry about tripping over shoes that are lying about especially if the lights are turned off.

You can also place these benches near the garage door. This is a good choice for people who frequently park their cars before entering their homes. Having a shoe storage bench in the garage will prevent them from bringing in contaminants such as gas, oils, and brake fluids inside their homes which can result to dark stains on the living or kitchen floor. You can also grace your children’s bedroom with these benches. This will encourage them to organize their shoes thus giving them the motivation to do the same for their other stuff.

Ask yourself what type of IKEA shoe bench would you like. You can find ones that have a wood sitting area with a shoe rack or 2 underneath the bench. These are inexpensive benches and are very functional. With this type of storage, you will be able to see all of your shoes and sneakers laid out on the racks. This is a very simple way of locating and organizing your shoes.

The next style you could find would be a shoe bench with cubbyhole style compartments. Depending on the size of the bench you should be able to hold more shoes in a cubby. Once again you can see all your shoes at a glance for easy finding. If you have the budget and the room, then you can get one with storage under a lift up seat. These will typically come with a padded seating area and a deep storage area. With this type of IKEA shoe bench, you could use it for boots and larger footwear.

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