Wall Decor for Small Bathroom with Optical Illusions

Wall Decor for Small Bathroom – The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, and yet it is one of the most used. The ideal thing would be to have a wide space, but if we do not have it, do not panic. We can get more out of this room “deceiving the eye”. Although you do not believe it, space can be bigger than it is without the need to pull walls or reform the house completely. Therefore, today I bring you some ideas of optical illusions to make your bathroom look bigger.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

The wall decor for small bathroom perspective is essential to try to gain space visually and thus create depth. The brain sees the farthest and fainter objects, so we can apply this optical illusion by decorating the wall decor for small bathroom or furniture with soft, smooth tones. Also, keep in mind that light tones reflect light, so do not hesitate to use light tones for walls, floors, ceilings, furniture or textiles. It is important that you do not combine different textures, since the fewer you apply, the greater the sense of spaciousness. You can also play on the walls with images that have a perspective to give a sense of depth. It is ideal to use materials such as glass, glass, aluminum, and ceramics. Put the same tile on walls and floor and you will visually expand your bathroom.

Another option is to bet on horizontal stripes as the wall decor for small bathroom. Yes, I know it may seem strange since we have always been told that in clothes you have to flee from them, as they widen us. But in decoration, if you bet on horizontal stripes you will get a higher wall effect and stylize the space. Do not cut yourself. Do the test by placing a scratched paper on the wall of the bathroom and do not forget that if you use light shades you will encourage the feeling of spaciousness as discussed above.

The old mirror trick works for wall decor for small bathroom. Do not hesitate to put one or several mirrors and multiply the space visually creating a false illusion. Also, if you place them in a place where the light strikes, it will reflect it and bring more clarity. The trick is that by reproducing the space you can give depth to the room no matter how small. But it is necessary to place it correctly, near a window and avoid putting it in front of an empty wall.

If you can, get a mirror that reaches the ceiling behind your sink. This helps the ceilings look taller as well as expanding the area. Installing lights inside the vanity mirror instead of the wall on both sides of the mirror will reflect light around the bathroom, doubling the amount of light available. Despite the few meters that your bathroom can have, do not give up on comfort and carry out these practical tips of wall decor for small bathroom without the need for renovations. You sign up?

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