Wonderful Soft Tiles for Kids on Character

Soft Tiles for Kids – When we talk about making a decoration for the children of the house, whether it is a bathroom or their own room, we are facing a great challenge, and this is due to the fact that they are the rooms that we dedicate the most to our care and affection, with which, the expectations created will be greater than with the rest of the rooms. If we focus on the bathroom, the dilemma with which we often find ourselves is “that children grow up”, and, obviously, the ceramic decoration of these bathrooms cannot be changed at the same rate as their tastes. For this reason, and despite the fact that we love the tiles of Disney or Warner Bros, we must be very clear that as they get older they will ask for a change of this decoration.

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In this sense of soft tiles for kids, and although I think these children’s collections are precious, I do not see them as appropriate for private bathrooms, but as we usually say “each child is a world” and, therefore, there will be those who will continue to passionate these characters until well older. Where I like to see these collections is in bathrooms schools and nurseries, restaurants and children’s leisure areas, since they give us a lot of play for decoration, allowing us to create true story spaces, endowing them with the delicacy and tenderness that these children’s designs have.

The tile companies, seeing these possibilities of the cartoons soft tiles for kids, have reached commercial agreements to create collections with all their characters and in different styles, both with @Disney and @Warner Bros. Thus we find collections based on the tender little bird Tweety, in the famous princesses of Disney, in Cars. Another of the collections that we can adapt and, very suitable for children, is the one designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, where her characteristic hearts predominate with a mix of bright colors, creating fun and cheerful compositions.

In addition to all these collections so specific for children’s areas, we find many other proposals in which the pastel tones of the ceramic pieces predominate, in order to grant that warmth and sweetness that children transmit to us. Among all these possibilities and seeing the needs of children’s decorators, through our company, we saw the possibility of personalizing the spaces with unique designs of soft tiles for kids created for the occasion. For this, we have the help of a cartoonist who, in my opinion, is able to capture the tenderness and innocent mischief of the little ones and translate it into his drawings to perfection, both in cartoons and in children’s drawings, and to value for You yourselves, I leave you a small sample of their works.

As you can see, the options are endless, and if we also have the help of a professional decorator and interior designer, the possibilities of achieving a unique and special design multiply. I hope this post can be an inspiration or, at least, you have enjoyed seeing these beautiful designs offered by our tile manufacturers, who every day, do not stop surprising us and innovate in the field of soft tiles for kids decoration.

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